YI Floating Grip Stick For Xiaomi YI Action Camera


  • $29.88



A must-have for shooting underwater

-Take your YI Action Camera on an underwater adventure without losing it.

-The YI Floating Grip keeps your camera afloat whether you are swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, or surfing. 


No-slip grip

-Made with waterproof foam, the no-slip grip lets you take photos and videos underwater without your camera slipping away.

-The YI Floating Grip is coated with a layer of corrosion resistant coating for extra durability. Stabilize your shots underwater. 


Adjustable wrist strap

-The adjustable wrist strap keeps your camera safe and lets you carry it hands free while you are swimming, surfing, or wake boarding.


Neon green base for visibility 

-The base of the Floating Grip is neon green so that you can find it easily while you are in the ocean or swimming pool.

-See your camera from afar and keep it safe during water sports.


Package Content:


1 X Floating Grip (Camera and waterproof case are not included)

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