FiiT VR 2S Virtual Reality VR 3D Glasses for iPhone/Samsung 4.0-5.5/6.5" Smartphone


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3.Material: ABS material + green polycarbonate

4.Lens: Anti-distortion aspheric design

5.Magnification: 5.2 times

6.Perspective FOV: 102 degrees

7.Support: Iphone, Android, Microsoft. Fully compatible

8.Support phone Size: 4.0' -6.5'

Key features:

1.Semi-closed front panel, more simple, more breathable.

2.In VR world, you can totally stay at home, enjoy the cinematic experience of shocking scenes, 3D stereoscopic gaming experience dynamic, immersive realism that lets you play the game more hearty.

3.102 degree panoramic view, screen magnification 5.2 times, equivalent to 120-inch giant screen,a true immersive experience.

4.User-friendly mobile phone holder, multi-gear flexibility to adjust, perfectly compatible with 4.0'-6.5'phone.

5.On the basis of conventional headband, move up 10 mm,transfer face pressure to reduce the weight of the nose and eyes, to make it easier to wear.

6.In the light of personal vision, free to adjust the lens, no ghosting, reducing the sense of  dizziness.Adults and children are suitable.

7.Aspheric lenses. Picture no deformity.

8.People with less than 600 degrees of myopia, Can use without wearing glasses.People more than 600 degrees of myopia, Support the use of glasses to wear a helmet.When wearing the helmet, You can put your finger into the helmet, adjustment directly.

9.Comfortable, breathable, fit the curvature of the face.

10.Quality sponge, easily removed to clean, easy to install.

11.Head strap can be highly stretched.


Package include:

1*FiiT VR 2S 3D Glasses

1*User manual


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