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0.4 x Super Wide Angle Lens for smartphones


  • $9.99

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Models: super wide Angle lens
Types: mobile phone accessories
Product parameters:The lens (wide)
Multiple: 0.4 X
Size: 3.5 cm in diameter 2 cm high
Weight: 22.5 g
Color: black
Circle clip
Size: 3 cm
Weight: 1.6 g
Packing specification
Size: 13.5 cm * 8 cm * 3 cm
Weight (including product) : 54.7 g
Circle clip general type super wide Angle lens, it is suitable for many mobile phone!
Round clip-on wide-angle + macro general lens:
1. The combination of wide-angle lens, 0.67 times larger range of the wide Angle lens can make you scenery (increase about 49% of the field of view) such as large crowds, architecture and landscape.
2. Unscrew the bottom can be used independently from among MACRO lens, superfine distance can be taken.Superfine lens can be taken in close to the tiny objects (less than 16 mm in diameter) objects of clear photos.Photography can be as low as 15 to 23 mm clear distance, and the original is about 110 mm.