Warranty/Return Policy

Tax Rules and Network Compatibility

All PickeDGadgeT merchandise prices does not include taxes. We will not be held responsible for any possible tax fees incurred by your country customs. Each country has different import laws/rules but generally a possibility to get taxed for importing goods is there.

We will declare a low value to all packages by default to help avoid or lessen possible customs tax. If you wish to request a specific value/amount declaration for your package, please contact us immediately prior to shipment.

Please check with your country import law prior to ordering.

Network compatibility will be Buyer’s responsibility.

Please check with your network provider the Network Frequency supported prior to ordering items with telephony feature such as Smartphones, Tablet PC’s, and Laptops.

In the event that the phone you ordered is not compatible with your network, you can still return it for a refund but we will deduct 20% of the current value of the item as a Restocking fee. This means we can only refund you 80% of the current value of the item.

Shipping fees will be paid by the Buyer in returning wrong or incompatible items back to us.

Please mark the value of the package you will return at 20USD and declare as defective Phone or Tablet PC.


Repair Warranty for Smartphones, Tablet PC, and General electronics

All PickeDGadgeT Electronic merchandise carries warranty from their respective manufacturers. The warranty is not from PickeDGadgeT.com but rather from their respective maker. Brandnew Smartphones, Tablet PC’s, TV BOX's, and Laptops generally comes with a 1 year repair warranty unless stated differently in the item product page. This warranty starts from the date of purchase.

General electronics (except Smartphones, TV Box's, Tablet PC’s, and Laptops) such as Cameras, Electronic Gaming Accessories such as Gamepads and VRHeadsets, Smartwatches or Health Fitness Bands, and Batteries usually carries 3 months repair warranty unless specifically stated differently in the product page. This warranty starts from the date of purchase.

While Electronic devices with touchscreens such as Smartphones and Tablet PC’s comes with a 1 year repair warranty, please note that the replacement warranty for the screen/display is only 30 days. If the screen malfunctioned after 30 days of usage, you can return the item but the manufacturer might ask you to pay for the replacement screen part. Repair or service fee will still be covered by the manufacturer.

Batteries of Smartphones, Tablet PC’s, and Laptops carries 3 months warranty.

PickeDGadgeT will cover return postage fees up to 20USD for items bound for repair only if the item/device is within 30 days from the day of receipt and is under warranty terms. We will also cover the shipping fees for it in returning back to you after repair/service provided that it’s returned to us within 30 days from the day of receipt and is returned under warranty terms. If the case of repair is due to personal use or damaged upon use or is not under warranty terms, the buyer will pay for shipping fees both ways.

Non-electronic Items

All non-electronic items such as Toys, Gamepad holders, Smartphone/Tablet PC/Laptop case or screen protectors, and the likes do not carry any long term warranty. We will only cater return, replacement, or refund request for these items if you receive it DOA(Dead On Arrival or Damaged on Arrival) which should be reported from the day of receipt.


Warranty Coverage/Terms

The manufacturer warranty is only applicable to manufacturing issue. Any fault or damage arising from use or misuse resulting from but not limited to water damage, short circuit or burnt electronic damage, damage from falls, etc. automatically voids the warranty. We can still help you get your item/device fixed but repair fees will be incurred and those will be paid by the buyer/owner of the damaged items.


Dead On Arrival (DOA)

All items prior to shipping undergoes tremendous QualityCheck(QC) and packages are packed to the best way possible. Still DOA’s can happen mainly due to transport. In the event of a DOA please contact us immediately from the day of arrival of the package/item. We will need you to send us pictures or videos of the DOA item showing the exact damage or non-working part of it. We strongly advise our buyers to check the package thoroughly before signing and accepting it. Please contact us immediately for any occurrence of a DOA here at support@pickedgadget.com with your order number.

Shipping Compensation and Refund for DOA

We will ask you to ship back the DOA item via regular mail or postal mail shipping only with a tracking number. We will not advise shipping it back with express or private couriers such as DHL or FedEx because China customs will tax the package heavily and we will not pay the taxes for it. You can still send items back via express but possible taxes will be paid by you the sender. We will cover return expense of DOA items via regular mail up to 20USD only. Refunds or Replacements will be given after confirmation of the DOA which will be done immediately after we receive the item back.


Missing items or Wrong items received

In the event that we missed sending an item which is rare, please contact us immediately and we will take care of it.

If you received a wrong item, please contact us immediately and send us pictures or videos showing the item you received. We will then guide you further to resolve the issue.


Return Procedure

Please email us here at support@pickedgadget.com with your order number to obtain RMA(Return Merchandise Authorization) Form.