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Proper use of your phone so that you do not get into unpleasant situations requires the following basic rules, such as, keep the appliance dry. Precipitation, humidity and other liquidsor impurities may contain substances that corrode electronic circuits.

The Carriage for You

Do not carry the phone in your pockets, especially if you are a person who is sweating intensely! It is the most common fault that leads to irreparable damage to the device. Do not use / carry the phone in places such as kitchen or bathroom, so keep it steaming. You can Pick New Gadget here and that is the reason you need the best options here.

  • Moisture easily penetrates the phone by slamming the screen, the speaker, or other components by shorting them.
  • Do not clean the surface of the phone with alcohol, perfume, wipes, or other substances.
  • It is not recommended to dry the phone with a feather or a radiator or various other heat sources.
  • If you have a phone with a metal housing, we advise you to avoid exposure to sudden temperature changes.
  • Avoid suddenly falling from outside temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius (in winter) to +20 degrees (indoor ambient temperatures).
  • Do not use concentrated chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the appliance.
  • Use a soft, clean, dry cloth to clean the surface of the appliance.

If your phone has been in contact with liquids, we recommend that you take the battery out of the phone as soon as possible and urgently present you with a GSM Service to clean your phone.Emergency battery removal prevents electrolytic corrosion of internal components.

Charging the Phone

Under no circumstances will you try to charge the phone by plugging it in for a short circuit.Try to avoid mechanical shocks as much as possible, do not put the phone in your bag, pocket or other places along with splinters or glitches.

  • Sudden manipulation can damage the electronic circuit boards of your phone.

Make the Avoiding

Avoid prolonged use of dust, even if the dust does not damage electronic components, it can plug the phone’s communication holes (speaker, headphone, microphone), leading to premature change, scratching the housing, screen, touchscreen or even breaking the display.

Tip: Protect the phone using covers or heels, and in the case of touchscreen phones, use dedicated protective foils that are found in the Gsm shops and Gsm service, and the foil should be secured.

  • Do not expose your phone to very high or very low temperatures.
  • Do not hold your mobile phone near sources of heat in the sun or on the car.

High temperatures may shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy batteries, deform or melt some plastic components, strip out components from the inside, display (the screen fades and becomes matte) and loss of quality of the battery.

Tip: If your phone has suffered a heat shock or has gone through the above mentioned situations, you must urgently ask for a Gsm Service to make your finding and service.