Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Root Lenovo A820

Disclaimer: This rooting procedure has been noted to work with Lenovo A820 provided that the firmware version installed in Lenovo A820 is fit with the CWM version used in the tutorial. The CWM here works for firmware version S130 and S135. Owners with updated firmware versions like S138 and higher are free to try this method. However, we do not held liable for any loss of data or possible damage to your Lenovo A820. Worst case scenario is you might brick your device but that doesn't mean it's the end anyway. There are ways to unbrick a device and we're here to help you with that too.

We advise to those having higher firmware versions than S135 to use CWM v6.0.1.2
For those who will try our guide please read the instructions first and follow them carefully.

Rooting an MT6589 phone or tablet is almost always the same no matter what brand  the device is. One very convenient method is flashing a working RECOVERY first so you can easily flash or install the ROOT zip to your phone. Not only root zips but UPDATE zips as well and even ROMs.

                    How to Install Recovery to Lenovo A820
1. Download MT6589 drivers here. After download extract it using winrar/winzip then install to your PC. Sometimes for some reasons the MT6589 drivers won't work on some computers. If that happens please try to use the Universal ADB Driver. Get it here.
2. Download SP Flash tool here and extract it to your desktop. 
3. Download CWM v5.5.0.4 for Lenovo A820 S130 firmware here.
    CWM v6.0.1.2 for Lenovo A820 S135 download it here.
3. Run the SP Flash tool in PC and click "File" and select "Open scatter-loading file". Then browse for the scatter file (located in the CWM folder you downloaded).
4. Make sure all the lined boxes are unchecked except for the "RECOVERY" box. Above you can see a box for DA DL All With Check Sum. Tick that box.
5. Click "Download" or press F9.
6. Connect your Lenovo A820 (make sure it's turned off). If the flashing process won't start remove the battery of your phone and put it back after 5 seconds then connect it again to the USB cable. If flashing still won't start remove the battery and plugged in the cable without the battery.
7. The process should start after connecting the phone to PC and just wait for the process to finish. A green circle will come out after a successful flashing. Next is the actual rooting via Recovery Mode.

How to Root Lenovo A820 via Recovery
1. Download MTK6589-SuperSU-root here. Copy it to the root(not inside any folders) of your SD card.
2. Access the Recovery of your phone by long pressing the +volume button, -volume button and the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds. If it doesn't appear try to remove the battery first and put it back after 5 seconds then try long pressing again the +volume, -volume, and power button.
4. When you're at the Recovery Menu already use the volume controls to navigate up and down and use Power button to select or enter.
5. When you're at the Recovery menu select "Install zip from sd card" then "Choose zip from SD card" and look for MTK6589-SuperSU-root. Then select "OK".

Reboot your Lenovo A820 and you're done.

If any of the links or instructions doesn't work please leave a comment below so we can fix the guide.
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  1. appears "recovery selected but without path" after pressing f9, what should i do ?

    1. ok it was my mistake, i selected the path as zip file inside the recovery, but i get "not all images are correctly loaded, which may cause boot issues".
      after pressing yes no progress is seen.

    2. what exactly are you trying to install? the recovery? just ignore the warning. if you can't make the process work please send us email at pickedgadget@gmail.com and I will assist you through the whole process.

  2. Maybe you can help me: The flash process it's not starting. I have done all the steps and nothig. My firmware version is S130

    1. Hello. Have you tried installing the adb drivers instead of the MT6589 drivers? I can help you better if you send me email at pickedgadget@gmail.com

  3. I have tried the steps mentioned, but im getting following message '[HINT] Recovery is checked, but without path' is displayed, nothing happens after selecting no. please help me.


    1. You have to download the recovery file and you have to unzip it first then put it in your desktop. You have to load the scatter file also. If you still can't proceed please send us email at pickedgadget@gmail.com so we can help you better.

    2. Yes, i already had the recovery file downloaded, and selected the 'MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc' file from the recovery file. But still the '[HINT] Recovery is checked,' message displayed. please help

  4. I tried the steps above, but the following message is displayed 'Not all the messages are correctly loaded, which may cause boot up issues'. Do you still want to continue anyway? is displayed but still no progress even after saying yes. please help

  5. Hi, is there away of rooting my A830? as the build number is S119-130827. this was a gift from a friend from china and was surposed to have been rooted to work in the uk and while it has English on it most of the internal space is taken by Chinese games and I would like to remove them before my friend visits me in November.

  6. re the above it is the android version no not build no and I would like to know if there is the chance that there is a way of rooting this version.
    Thank you.

  7. How to unroot lenovo a820 please? Vroot was installed on the phone